SEO Internet Marketing Experts Vancouver’s 12 Tips

To make your business successful, you need to optimize your company’s website to get the most exposure in search engines. This involves not only having the best possible content but choosing the right SEO keywords for your site. To do this effectively, you need to know what your site is about and what its purpose is. Below are some internet marketing and SEO tips that will help you to optimize your site for search engines.

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1. Choose Your Message

Try to make the website about one main thing or one primary topic that you want your message to be about. Before choosing a topic, you may want to research keywords to see how they are currently showing up in search engines.

2. Mention Keywords In Important Places

Include your primary topic and keywords in such places as the site title, domain name, tagline, blog categories and page titles. The aim is to place it where it will be most noticeable.

3. Link To Internal Pages On Your Site

Some content management systems will automatically do this for you; however, if yours doesn’t, you need to be careful to create links to your most important pages directly from the homepage so that they cross-link with each other.

4. Use Only Text In Your Permalink

Some sites use numbers in their permalink structures to identify pages, such as However, it is recommended that you only use text as this looks much neater. Remember to also include keywords in the URLs.

5. Remove Anything That Slows Down Your Website

The page loading time on your site is important, as you don’t want visitors to become frustrated with slow loading speeds. Get rid of anything on your site that is not essential and may potentially bog it down, such as large images, music players, extra plugins and flash graphics.

6. Use Keywords In Your Images

Include keywords that accurately convey what your site is about in images for the title, description, and alt attributes. You can also rewrite a file name if it doesn’t reflect your keywords.

7. Create Links To Other Websites

If there are other websites that have relevant content to your topic, you can create links by including a blogroll or resources page on your website. You may want to do this sparingly, as you don’t want to send your visitors to other websites; however, doing it properly will indicate to the search engines that your site is a trusted authority on a particular topic.

8. Update Your Website Frequently

Keeping your website fresh will ensure that you have a steady stream of visitors. Websites with dynamic content will rank higher in search engines than those whose content is static. Blogs and directories such as Wikipedia often appear in search engines because they are constantly being updated with the latest content.

9. Index Your Website To Search Engines

Many search engines will automatically index your website’s content; however, don’t rely on this happening all the time. Ensure that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are indexing your site so that people can find you easily online.

10. Have Other Websites Link To You

If other websites share a similar topic or message as you, ask the website owner if they will consider creating a link to your site, while you do the same for them. You can also start guest posting on other blogs to broaden your exposure.

11. Don’t Change Your Domain Name

Try to keep your domain name the same, as the age of your URL can be a factor in your site’s search ranking. If you start a new blog every few months, your site may never get its due exposure.

12. Connect With Your Readers

Of course, none of the above tips will matter if your content sounds too rigid and formal. Write with a human touch so that your readers can connect with you.

Final Thoughts

While you may have already started a blog, many of these tips can still be applied to make your blog really stand out. Simply focus on writing great content and be mindful of the technology that you have at your disposal. In time, you will notice the results.