5 Top Online Marketing Tools to Analyze your SEO Campaign

The only way that anyone can expect the best results from their SEO campaigns is by keeping a careful eye on how they are advancing. When it comes to SEO, advancement can be looked at in terms of results over efforts made, this is essential in deciding which efforts are being progress and which are costing efforts and moving nowhere.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of resource and recourse to give SEO technicians the information and perspective to ascertain the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns in a very specific way. These same tools can be used to fine tune the campaign and take it in a productive direction.

Following is the much abridged guide to finding the tools that will provide you with insights you will need to make the most of your SEO efforts.

1. Google Analytics

The number one marketing tool on any list is Google Analytics, this is because it can perform so many tasks. The first and foremost advantage is the monitoring function it can provide for your online reputation.

Keeping ahead of negative publicity is an important part of maintaining online reputation. Google Alerts can also fill you in on important fluctuations that can affect your industry and business.

2. Hootsuite

indexThis tool will play a leading role in the social media front. Hootsuite can facilitate your efforts saving you significant time and effort, which makes it one of the most popular tools online today. This essential social media management tool will allow you to schedule posts for later dates.

Hootsuite also provide insights into the trends and fluctuations that can be very beneficial to your efforts if you can take advantage of them. The site has a free version which is great in itself, but there is also a paid version with more details available.

3. LinkedIn Advanced Search

It could be considered only a part of a much larger platform, yet the LinkedIn Advanced Search is also the best way to get ahold of the industry authorities that can help move your campaign forward. Locating and measuring efforts to align with these key influencers is an important way to increase online authority.

While this is a tool that is mainly geared toward business there are some tools that perform the same function on an individual level, Kred and Klout is one such example.

4.Google Keyword Planner

What was formerly known as the Google Keyword Tool, is now called Google Keyword Planner and is used to measure customer search behavior for clues as to their buying habits and other important informations.

It is essential to know which keywords your valuable customers will be using most when searching for the products and services you are promoting. This will also provide a benchmark for the competition you can expect from the keywords you choose.

5. Similar Web

A freemium site was launched back in 2013 that provided the essential stats for all other websites. The only other option at the time was Adtool from the Google suite, but Similar Web is a step ahead inasmuch as it provides stats on all sites not just media sites.

This is an especially useful tool when checking the stats of other sites for reasons of benchmarking.

Final Notes — In the end it is all about choosing the most important information to guide the SEO project toward the customers it is meant to attract. By selecting to many analytical tools you may find yourself barraged with information and at a loss of how best to apply all these important adjustments.